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Dublin Castle

London, UK

“When they came and said to me: ‘You’re playing the Camden Crawl, they asked me where I wanted to play and I said ‘the Dublin Castle course!’” - Amy Winehouse

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Dry Bar + Dry Live

Manchester, UK

Bar, Live Music Venue and Club space based in Manchester's Northern Quarter

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Dockville Festival

Hamburg, Germany

Dockville is a music and art festival on Europe's biggest river island, Hamburg's district Wilhelmsburg. It is sponsored by the German Internationalen Bauausstellung (IBA) and for the first time it took place in 2007. Many parts of the festival area are located directly in front of the river Elbe, in a territory, which is not protected against flood. Characteristic for this festival is the combination of music and visual arts.

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DuPont Theatre

Wilmington, DE

The DuPont Theatre has been presenting professional Broadway productions since 1913. It also hosts a variety of entertainers, businesses, charitable groups and private parties.

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Diesel Club Lounge

Pittsburgh, PA

Refueled and All New! Diesel Club Lounge is a hidden gem amidst all the college and blue collar bars in Pittsburgh's South Side neighborhood.

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New York, NY

Global music for a new world!

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