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Munich, Germany

Feierwerk supports young Munich art, music and culture. We allow and encourage membership, irrespective of age and generational boundaries. Therefore, all our events and offers are open to different environments, cultural scenes, and age groups.

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Munich, Germany

The Freiheiz offers visitors a wide selection of beverages at events. Our guests can choose from the specialty beers of Hofbrau, Weihenstephan and Bitburger, wine, long drinks and of course non-alcoholic beverages. We also provide snacks appropriate to specific events on our food day pass. For some events, both deviate the drinks as the food supply.

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Festhalle Frankfurt

Frankfurt, Germany

One of Frankfurt's oldest and most beautiful clubs. The Festhalle has been operating for over 100 years and is a top location for international events of all kind. The sound and setting is perfect for concerts, which makes it a top choice for many of the biggest bands.

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Festsaal Kreuzberg

Berlin, Germany

Catch a variety of live events at the Festsaal Kreuzberg in Berlin, one of Berlin's most popular venues. "British-built in a Berlin Basement"

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London, UK

"Fabric’s Saturday night is highly unpredictable and utterly compelling." – The Guardian

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Fete Lounge

Providence, RI

Fete is New England’s boutique live music venue dedicated to providing innovative music programming to an audience as diverse as New England itself. Fête’s mission is to rejuvenate the relationship between music and revelry; create a haven where both artists and audiences engage in a unique and gratifying cultural experience and actively participate in the revitalization of Olneyville, a unique and historic Providence neighborhood.

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